AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quantum 15, G-BZWU

Aircraft rolled over on landing, Maypole Airfield, Kent, 26 September 2015.


The student was on his first solo cross-country flight from Rochester to Maypole airfield in Kent. While on the downwind leg of the circuit at Maypole airfield, the student noticed a tractor cutting the grass on the runway, so he flew a go-around. The second circuit was uneventful and the aircraft touched down normally, slightly left of the centre line. However, the pilot reported that during the ground roll, the right wheel appeared to lock and the aircraft swung to the right before tipping over onto its left side. The pilot was uninjured, but the wing, front strut, pylon and propeller were all damaged.

The reason why the aircraft veered to the right during the ground roll was not determined.

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Pegasus Quantum 15, G-BZWU 01-16

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Published 14 January 2016