AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quantum 15-912 Quantum, G-BYRJ

Unexpected wind change during landing, Redlands Airfield, Swindon, 31 August 2018.


After a 10-minute local flight, the pilot and passenger were returning to the grass airfield and commenced a low, powered approach. The wind was from 070° at 6 kt and as the aircraft cleared a high hedge prior to the threshold of Runway 08 north, the pilot felt a change in wind direction and the aircraft lost height. The resulting touchdown point was much ‘shorter’ than anticipated and the aircraft landed heavily on the nose landing gear.

The hard landing damaged the nose landing gear and the pod. Both occupants exited the aircraft unaided and without injury. The pilot stated that the low approach was a poor choice as it did not allow sufficient height to correct the landing approach following a change in wind conditions.

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Pegasus Quantum 15-912 Quantum, G-BYRJ 11-18

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Published 8 November 2018