AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-KAZI

Bounce and loss of control on go-around, Headon Airfield, Nottinghamshire, 12 July 2018.


The student had already completed two landings on Runway 05 with the instructor following through on the control bar. For the third landing, to show the student that he had full control, the instructor removed his hands from the control bar. An idle approach was flown, with the student increasing power during short final to maintain the approach speed and angle. He began to round out on crossing the threshold. Shortly thereafter, the aircraft touched down heavily, bounced and veered off the centreline. The instructor took control and advanced the hand throttle but was unable to regain full control before the aircraft struck a hedge parallel to and right of the runway. It span horizontally through 180° before coming to rest in the hedge.

The instructor reported that he had instructed the student to round out more, but he believed that the student had made an opposite control input, steepening the approach. The student did not recall this.

The instructor commented that he should not have too much confidence in a student’s ability until they have more experience, and he should maintain vigilance during critical stages of training flights and be ready to take immediate control, if required.

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Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-KAZI 12-18

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Published 6 December 2018