AAIB investigation to Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-AVKI

Unoccupied aircraft collided with hangar doors, RAF Henlow, Bedfordshire, 17 October 2017.


The pilot was stowing the aircraft’s restraining strap and chocks in the cockpit with the engine at idle. As he leaned into the cockpit to secure them for flight, he inadvertently advanced the throttle, causing the aircraft to move forward under its own power. The pilot attempted to stop the aircraft by holding onto the left wing. He was able to guide it onto a grassed area adjacent to the hangars, but was unable to bring it to a stop. The aircraft then completed approximately three full rotations before the pilot was forced to let go; it then continued forward until it struck the hangar doors and came to a stop.

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Nipper T.66 RA45 Series 3, G-AVKI 01-18

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Published 11 January 2018