AAIB investigation to Murphy Rebel, G-DIKY

Heavy landing following stall on final approach, Stoke Golding airfield, Leicestershire, 9 July 2015.


The accident occurred during the final landing following a day of flight training, during which the student had flown just under four hours. The commander was sitting in the right seat, with his student, who was flying the aircraft, in the left seat. The aircraft was positioned for a final approach to Runway 26 at Stoke Golding Airfield, and the approach was described by the commander as “well flown” until, at approximately 20 to 30 feet agl, the student flared the aircraft for landing. The commander called “too high, too high, go around”; however the student did not react and the aircraft stalled before striking the runway approximately 120 m beyond the Runway 26 threshold. The ground impact was sufficient to collapse the left landing gear leg, following which the aircraft settled onto its left wingtip, allowing the propeller to strike the ground. The aircraft swung to the left through approximately 150° and departed the runway, coming to rest two metres from a parked aircraft.

The commander assessed the cause of the accident to be the student’s early landing flare, combined with the commander’s verbal, rather than physical, intervention to prevent the subsequent heavy landing.

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Published 8 October 2015