AAIB investigation to MTOsport gyroplane, G-HOTC

Loss of control during takeoff, Shobdon Aerodrome, Herefordshire, 8 May 2017.


Prior to takeoff on Runway 09, the pilot stated that the pre-rotator had rotated the gyroplane’s main rotor to approximately 150-160 rpm, less than the normal speed of 200 rpm. Despite this, the pilot elected to take off and, as the aircraft accelerated, increasing control forces were required to maintain the runway centreline. The aircraft pitched nose-up and rolled to the left, causing the main rotor blade tips and rear stabiliser to strike the runway surface. The pilot aborted the takeoff.

The pilot attributed the accident to continuing the takeoff attempt with less than 200 rotor rpm, combined with him applying the power too quickly, which created a ‘blade flap’ situation.

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MTOsport gyroplane, G-HOTC 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017