AAIB investigation to Mooney M20J, G-OBAL

Propeller ground strike during landing, Elstree Aerodrome, Hertfordshire, 15 September 2017.


The pilot was flying from Gloucester Airport to Elstree Aerodrome with a colleague. He reported that the circuit was normal, but considered he was too high on final approach. Adjustments prior to landing caused the aircraft to touch down too fast, resulting in it bouncing twice. The pilot aborted the landing and proceeded to go around.

On the second attempt, the aircraft bounced again, so the pilot performed another go-around. During the climb out the air traffic controller informed the pilot that the propeller may have contacted the runway. The pilot broke off the third approach, but successfully landed the aircraft on the fourth attempt.

Examination of the aircraft revealed damage to the propeller and right main landing gear door.

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Mooney M20J, G-OBAL 01-18

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Published 11 January 2018