AAIB investigation to Midget Mustang M-1, G-CHJO

Runway excursion on landing due to collapse of right main landing gear, North Coates Airfield, Lincolnshire, 5 August 2017.


Following a firm landing, the aircraft rolled for approximately 100 m before the right main landing gear leg collapsed. The aircraft veered to the right and after it came to rest, in long grass adjacent to the runway, the pilot shutdown the engine and exited the aircraft normally. A photograph of the aircraft was taken after it was moved to a grass parking area.

The pilot inspected the aircraft and discovered the right gear leg attachment bracket had failed near a weld. It was his view that the weld had not penetrated the metal sufficiently to achieve the required strength. He also discovered that the four attachment bolts on the bracket were only finger-tight and that they had been rotating. However, a detailed assessment of the failure was not made.

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Midget Mustang M-1, G-CHJO 11-17

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Published 9 November 2017