AAIB investigation to MCR-01 Club, G-DGHI

Runway excursion after landing, Fridd Farm, Kent, 20 September 2015.


The pilot was conducting a local flight from a farm strip where the aircraft was based. On his return, about 2 nm away from the strip, the engine misfired. The pilot then flew past the strip to assess the wind indicated by the strip’s windsocks. As he did so the engine misfired again. The wind was light and variable and he positioned the aircraft for a landing on Runway 14.

The pilot established the aircraft slightly high and slow on the final approach because of large oak trees in the runway undershoot, so that if the engine failed before crossing them he would be able to land beyond them.

The pilot then judged that the aircraft was too high on the approach and initiated a go-around on short final. Soon after achieving full power the engine misfired again and then stopped. The pilot attempted to avoid an area of soft ground. The aircraft landed in the overshoot of the strip on an area of grass before coming to rest in an adjacent field of crops where the nose wheel dug in and the aircraft came to a stop.

The pilot vacated the aircraft uninjured. The aircraft sustained damaged to its propeller, nose wheel and cowls.

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MCR-01 Club, G-DGHI 04-16

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Published 14 April 2016