AAIB investigation to Mainair Blade, G-MYVY

Crashed on landing, Hawksview Airfield, Warrington, 18 September 2016


The pilot reported that he was approaching Runway 08 at the airfield with a wind from 090° at 7-8 kt, 10 km visibility, a temperature of 15°C and FEW clouds at approximately 1,500 ft agl. After the aircraft passed over buildings which lie immediately to the west of the runway, the pilot reduced power for landing. At the same time, he noticed that the windsock was showing the wind backing to blow across the runway from the north. He did not remember what happened next except that the aircraft crashed onto the runway. Later, he assessed that the aircraft stalled on the final approach.

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Mainair Blade, G-MYVY 02-17

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Published 9 February 2017