AAIB investigation to Mainair Blade 912, G-CBRE

Loss of control during landing, Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire, 22 May 2016


The pilot reported that he flew the aircraft from Pound Green to Long Marston. Whilst overhead the field at 2,000 ft QFE, he observed the windsock and judged the wind to be 240° at 10 kt. He then flew the short distance to Stratford, orbited and returned to Long Marston. He joined the circuit at 600 ft QFE and observed that the wind direction had altered to 300°. Consequently, the wind was blowing almost directly across Runway 22. The pilot abandoned the first landing attempt owing to the high level of turbulence and the crosswind.

He re-joined the circuit and carried out a long final approach in anticipation of turbulence and the crosswind. He lined up on the centreline and was expecting to touch down about one-third of the way along the runway. A few feet before touchdown the aircraft encountered a gust, turned to the left and landed on rough ground to the side of the runway. It overturned and came to rest on its left side.

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Mainair Blade 912, G-CBRE 08-16

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Published 11 August 2016