AAIB investigation to Jodel D117, G-BDIH

Collapsed fuselage, damage to the wing, engine, lower engine cowl and propeller..


The pilot arrived overhead Bedlands Gate Airfield at 1200 ft aal and, noting that the windsock indicated that the wind was from 180 degrees at 15 kt, elected to fly an approach to land on grass Runway 16. The pilot was aware that Runway 16 is only 390 m long and also had a slight downhill slope and so he intended to land 50 m beyond the threshold.

He established a stable descent using 1500 rpm for a 60 kt approach, before further reducing power to 1200 rpm and 50 kt airspeed just prior to the airfield’s boundary. At this point, he encountered turbulence which rapidly pitched the nose of the aircraft up and the stall warner sounded. The pilot immediately lowered the nose and didn’t apply engine power due to the close proximity of the ground, but instead cautiously attempted to raise the nose to flare the aircraft and land. However the nose, lower engine cowling and main wheels impacted the ground first, before the aircraft bounced and landed again on main wheels and tailwheel. It rolled a further 20 m, slewing left off the runway into long grass, before coming to rest on its nose.

The uninjured pilot, who was wearing a full harness, switched off the fuel and electrical system before vacating the aircraft through the left canopy door and a break in the fuselage.

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Jodel D117, G-BDIH 10-17

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Published 12 October 2017