AAIB investigation to Jabiru UL-D, G-CDKP

G-CDKP Overran runway on landing, Damyns Hall Airfield, Essex, 25 June 2016.


The aircraft was on a training flight with an instructor and student on board. The instructor reported that the weather was good with “mild turbulence” and showers. Runway 21 was in use; it is approximately 650 m long and has a grass surface. At its the southern end, a ditch had been filled in to provide another 150 m of overrun into an adjacent field.

Following departure, the aircraft encountered heavy rain, prompting the instructor to decide to terminate the flight. More heavy rain was encountered on final approach, and the aircraft landed “long”. The instructor reported that the aircraft rolled for some distance before he applied the brakes, and that it then aquaplaned. He attempted to turn the aircraft to avoid impact with the hedge at the end of the runway. A witness assessed the ground marks left by the aircraft and found that touchdown appeared to have occurred 70 m before the runway end, with 220 m of grass surface (including the overrun area) available; the aircraft appeared to have travelled the final 50 m moving sideways. The aircraft manufacturer stated that the landing distance required (over a 15 m obstacle) is 168 m.

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Jabiru UL-D, G-CDKP 12-16

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Published 8 December 2016