AAIB investigation to Jabiru UL-450, G-CBOP

Loss of control on landing, Oxenhope Airfield, West Yorkshire, 10 March 2015.


The pilot went around from his first approach to land on Runway 29 as, due to thermal activity, he was too high over the threshold. The second approach, with a slight crosswind from the right at 12 kt, was better but, as the aircraft touched down on the main wheels, a gust lifted the right wing causing the aircraft to drift to the left and the nose to drop. On contact with the ground, the nose leg collapsed, the propeller struck the ground and the aircraft tipped over onto its back. The pilot, who had been wearing a lap and diagonal harness, was unhurt and he vacated the aircraft unaided.

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Jabiru UL-450 G-CBOP 07-15

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Published 9 July 2015