AAIB investigation to Ikarus C42 FB80, G-SFLA

Collision with obstacle during go-around, Lower Upham Airfield, Hampshire, 13 May 2016.


The purpose of the flight was to conduct circuit training at Sandown Airfield on the Isle of Wight. A student pilot occupied the left seat, with a flying instructor in the right seat. The student flew a number of circuits to a good standard, and the instructor determined that he was ready to undertake his first solo. The aircraft returned to Lower Upham Airfield in preparation. The instructor reported that the return flight, circuit and approach to Runway 04, were uneventful. However, during the final stages of the approach, the student pilot commenced the flare somewhat high. This resulted in a very firm touchdown which caused the aircraft to bounce twice and drift to the left of the runway. The instructor took control and initiated a missed approach, applying full power and control inputs to correct the flight path. As the aircraft began to climb away, the left wingtip struck a metal stanchion embedded in a hedge to the left of the runway. This caused the aircraft to swing rapidly to the left and impact the ground. No injuries were sustained and both occupants exited the aircraft without assistance.

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Ikarus C42 FB80, G-SFLA 10-16

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Published 13 October 2016