AAIB investigation to Ikarus C42 FB80, G-SARM

Landing mishap, Redlands Airfield, Wiltshire, 22 July 2016.


The pilot reported that the aircraft was on base leg to land at Redlands Airfield when he realised there were cattle near the runway. He extended his base leg to land on a parallel but shorter runway. Whilst on finals he decided to touch down as near to the threshold as possible to make full use of the runway available. As he got nearer to the threshold his sink rate was higher than expected and the aircraft landed and bounced. The aircraft then hit the runway heavily on the nose landing gear which then detached. The pilot vacated the aircraft unaided but had sustained minor injuries in the accident.

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Ikarus C42 FB80, G-SARM 01-17

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Published 12 January 2017