AAIB investigation to Ikarus C22, D-MNBU

Stall on Landing, Popham Airfield, Hampshire, 25 August 2016


D-MNBU was landing on Runway 08 at Popham Airfield during a competition. It was performing what the pilot described as a “spot turn” manouevre, in which the pilot shuts down the aircraft’s engine at height and then glides the aircraft to land. The pilot reported Popham’s weather to be clear, with 5 kt wind and a temperature of 18°C. The runway, which has a grass surface, was reported as being soft.

Shortly before landing, the aircraft’s speed became too slow, causing it to stall on to the runway. The nosewheel and left main landing gear were damaged, and the pilot sustained minor injuries.

The pilot believed that the accident was caused by paying insufficient attention to the aircraft’s speed during a challenging manoeuvre.

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Ikarus C22, D-MNBU 07-17

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Published 13 July 2017