AAIB investigation to Hummerchute, G-CKTA

Loss of control on takeoff, Luffenham Aerodrome, Rutland, 14 April 2018.


On becoming airborne on its maiden flight, the newly assembled powered parachute aircraft pitched steeply nose-up before falling backwards to the ground. A number of the lines securing the canopy to the ‘trike’ (accommodating the wheels, occupants and engine) were found to be of the wrong length. This caused the canopy to ‘fly’ in a different longitudinal position and attitude from normal, leading to loss of control of the aircraft.

The aircraft manufacturer has taken the safety actions of improving its quality checks during manufacture and flight testing aircraft prior to releasing them from the factory.

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Hummerchute, G-CKTA 07-18

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Published 12 July 2018