AAIB investigation to Gulfstream AA-5B, G-BOZZ

Nose landing gear damaged on landing, Weston-on-the-green, Bicester, Oxfordshire, 18 May 2017.


The pilot reported that he had made a normal approach and selected full flap prior to landing on Runway 19 at Weston-on-the-Green. The speed was normal, but during the flare the wheels touched the grass runway and hit a bump, causing the aircraft to bounce back into the air. The pilot stated that he continued to hold the aircraft in the flare and allowed it to settle back onto the runway; however, approximately 10 m into the ground roll the nose dropped and the propeller struck the ground. The nose landing gear was subsequently found to be bent rearwards.

The pilot believes that the uneven surface of the grass runway contributed to the aircraft bouncing and damaging the nose landing gear leg.

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Gulfstream AA-5B, G-BOZZ 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017