AAIB investigation to Guimbal Cabri G2, G-PERH

Loss of control in hover, Goodwood Aerodrome, Sussex, 8 June 2018.


While conducting a Simulated Engine Failure from the Hover (SEFH) the helicopter yawed rapidly to the left. Despite the actions of the pilots the helicopter continued to yaw rapidly, and control was not recovered. The helicopter was seen to climb while spinning before descending rapidly and contacting the ground, sustaining severe damage. Both occupants suffered serious injuries.

The manufacturer has subsequently issued service letter SL 19-001, Throttle management during simulated engine failure, and SL 19-002, Controllability in yaw at low rotor speed.

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Guimbal Cabri G2, G-PERH 10-19

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Published 19 September 2019