AAIB investigation to Grumman AA-5 Traveller, G-TALJ

Undershot runway at Shobdon Aerodrome, 24 June 2015.


Whilst landing on Runway 27 at Shobdon the pilot became aware that the aircraft was too low and raised the nose and applied power. The pilot stated that the engine then spluttered and was slow to respond, with the result that the aircraft landed a few metres short of the tarmac threshold on a disused concrete surface, suffering damage. Photographs of the damage showed a scraped ventral strake, indicating an abnormally nose-high attitude, and considerable tip damage to a propeller blade, suggesting that the engine was developing a substantial amount of power.

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Grumman AA-5 Traveller, G-TALJ 09-15

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Published 10 September 2015