AAIB investigation to Great Lakes Sports Trainer, G-GLST

Grazed hangar with a wheel and wingtip whilst landing at Thruxton Aerodrome on 7 June 2015.


The pilot intended to land on a grass strip parallel to Runway 07 at Thruxton, having previously performed a touch-and-go. The approach to this runway crosses a hangar structure and the main tarmac apron before reaching the strip threshold. He was sideslipping the aircraft to the left when it “dropped a little more than expected” and the left wheel and wingtip contacted the roof of the hangar structure some 150 metres short of the threshold. The pilot continued to a normal landing, whereupon the damage to the hangar roof and the aircraft was discovered.

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Great Lakes Sports Trainer G-GLST 10-15

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Published 8 October 2015