AAIB investigation to Glastar, G-GERY

Loss of control during takeoff, Hollym Airfield, Yorkshire, 21 March 2015.


The pilot was planning to depart from Runway 32 grass, which is 570 m long. The wind was from 340° at 16 kt with occasional gusts. The pilot observed a Cessna 172 departing from this runway and although it “looked a little bumpy” he judged it safe to take off in G-GERY. The takeoff ground roll was normal and once airborne he remained low, to accelerate. He initiated a turn to the right but the aircraft suddenly rolled to the left and applying right stick and right rudder had no effect. The left wing tip struck the ground and the aircraft yawed to the left; the nose dropped and the aircraft hit the ground. It then swung round to the left and came to rest. The pilot shut down the fuel and electrical systems and then exited with his passenger, via the passenger door as the pilot’s door was jammed. The pilot later assessed that the accident had been caused by a stronger than expected gust from the right.

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Glastar, G-GERY 08-08

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Published 13 August 2015