AAIB investigation to Fournier RF5B, G-BPWK

Runway overrun on landing, Usk Airfield, Monmouthshire, 3 June 2016.


The pilot reported that, following a local flight, he approached Usk Airfield to land on the shorter grass landing area on a heading of approximately 060°.

During the landing flare he realised that there may be insufficient distance for the ground run. As the aircraft touched down, he reached for the landing gear brake lever but inadvertently released the flight spoilers which retracted, as designed. The aircraft then bounced and floated for some distance before touching down again. There was insufficient distance remaining to stop and the aircraft overran the airfield and toppled down a 12 ft drop into a stream. The pilot was uninjured.

CAA Safety Sense Leaflet 1, titled ‘Good Airmanship Guide’, advises that, when landing, pilots: ‘Go-around if not solidly ‘on’ in the first third of the runway…’

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Fournier RF5B, G-BPWK 11-16

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Published 10 November 2016