AAIB investigation to Fournier RF4D, G-BHJN

Heavy landing at Enstone Airfield on 17 April 2015.


The aircraft was returning to Enstone after a 15 minute local flight. The pilot reports that the north-easterly wind had increased in strength since he had taken off and the turbulence caused by trees on the northern perimeter of the airfield was “the worst he had encountered”. After two go-arounds, he again attempted to land, applying full spoiler at about 100 ft. However, as he flared, the stall warning light illuminated and the aircraft landed heavily and bounced, breaking away the landing gear monowheel and both propeller blades before skidding to a halt. The pilot switched off the engine, which was still running, before vacating the aircraft.

The pilot believes that the turbulence and his failure to execute a go-around after the bounce were responsible for the accident.

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Fournier RF4D, G-BHJN 08-08

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Published 13 August 2015