AAIB investigation to Folland Gnat T Mk 1, G-TIMM

Loss of control and impact with terrain during a flying display, Oulton Park, 1 August 2015.


The aircraft was carrying out an aileron roll at low level during a flying display when, at an angle of bank of 107° to the left, the nose attitude dropped relative to the horizon. The pilot reversed the direction of roll but also applied a large pitch input which increased the rate of descent, and caused the aircraft to depart controlled flight and impact with the terrain. The accident was not survivable.

It was concluded that the situation was recoverable until the application of the pitch input.

Three Safety Recommendations are made on: minimum aerobatic heights; managing the risk of loss of aircraft control; and medical examination requirements for pilots of high performance aircraft.

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Folland Gnat T Mk 1, G-TIMM 05-16

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Safety Recommendation Document: Folland Gnat T Mk 1, G-TIMM

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Glossary of abbreviations

Published 12 May 2016