AAIB investigation to Flight Design CTSW, G-CGVG

Left main landing gear leg collapse whilst taxiing, Hunsdon Airfield, Hertfordshire, 8 October 2016.


Whilst taxiing across a grass parking area, the aircraft’s left main landing gear leg collapsed due to a fatigue crack originating at the main attachment bolt hole. It was unclear for how long the leg had been cracked and, as the aircraft was built in 2011, it was not subject to a dye penetrant crack inspection at 300 flying hours as per Service Bulletin CT123. The UK agent intends to issue a new Service Bulletin, CT145, requiring all CT2K and CTSW main landing gear legs to be removed from the aircraft and dye penetrant crack inspected at periods of 300 flying hours, or following heavy landings.

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Flight Design CTSW, G-CGVG 03-17

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Published 13 April 2017