AAIB investigation to Flight Design CTSW, G-CGIZ

Stalled on approach, Manchester Barton Aerodrome, 10 June 2015.


The pilot was returning to Barton Aerodrome from Haydock Park. The flying conditions were good, with the surface wind varying from calm to 15 kt. He reported that on short final for the grass Runway 08, at about 5 ft, the left wing “fell away”. He applied full power with right rudder and the aircraft climbed to approximately 15 ft, in a normal climbing attitude. He then attempted to level the wings, applying right aileron, and the left wing abruptly dropped again. The aircraft turned through 180° with approximately 30° angle of bank before the pilot was able to level it. The aircraft was now downwind and descending; the pilot realising that an impact with the ground was inevitable, closed the throttle. The aircraft’s left main wheel contacted the ground firmly and the wheel spar snapped. The aircraft then settled onto the grass, damaging the propeller and airframe. The pilot, who was uninjured, shut the aircraft down and vacated it normally.

The pilot recalled that his approach speed seemed normal and he believed that windshear may have caused the initial wing drop. The secondary stall probably occurred because the pilot, unfamiliar with the climbing attitude of the aircraft in the landing configuration, did not allow it to accelerate to a safe airspeed before climbing.

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Flight Design CTSW, G-CGIZ 12-15

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Published 10 December 2015