AAIB investigation to Flight Design CTSW, G-CFDO

Runway excursion on landing, Causey Park Airfield, Northumberland, 13 June 2017.


The pilot reported that he was flying to Causey Park Airfield where the aircraft was based. The weather was fine with wind from the south-west at 10 to 15 kt, and he decided to land on the south-westerly grass runway.

The aircraft touched down firmly and bounced to the left, landing in a field of corn that bordered the runway. The landing gear became entangled in the corn and the nose wheel dug into the soft ground and collapsed. The aircraft then rolled forward, coming to rest inverted. Having secured the aircraft the pilot vacated uninjured and without assistance. The aircraft was subsequently righted and recovered with assistance.

The pilot attributed the accident to landing heavily whilst attempting a short field landing, combined with the long crops and soft ground.

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Flight Design CTSW, G-CFDO 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017