AAIB investigation to EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CEZF

Veered off the runway during takeoff at Broadmeadow Farm, Herefordshire on 5 June 2015.


The aircraft commenced its takeoff roll on Runway 28 in a southerly wind of about 10-15 kt. After a ground roll of about 100 metres, the aircraft suddenly veered to the left. The pilot was unable to correct the swing and the aircraft left the runway, coming to a halt some five metres into a field. The aircraft’s nose and right main landing gear and its right wing and propeller were damaged.

The pilot considered that he applied insufficient control input to correct the swing caused by the gusting crosswind.

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EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar G-CEZF 10-15

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Published 8 October 2015