AAIB investigation to EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CEDX

Left aileron struck runway during aborted landing, Dunkeswell Airfield, Devon, 29 July 2015.


The pilot was carrying out a flight from Gloucestershire Airport to Culdrose, with a refuelling stop at Dunkeswell. The weather on departure from Gloucester was: surface wind 300º/20 kt, 10 km visibility, with occasional showers. The flight to Dunkeswell was uneventful and, on arrival, an approach was flown to Runway 35 with three stages of flap set. The pilot noted that there was a strong crosswind from the left and made a “crabbing” approach, which was aborted at about 100 ft due to “instability”. He flew a go-around and noticed that the wind was from about 270º and that Runway 22 was more into wind. With approval, he made an approach to Runway 22, again with three stages of flap, but just before touchdown a gust of wind caused the aircraft to bank to the left and the left aileron struck the ground. The pilot went around and diverted to Exeter. However, due to turbulence on approach to Runway 26 at Exeter, he returned to Gloucester following a handling check, landing there safely.

Having discussed the incident with an instructor, it was suggested that a flapless approach, with the higher resultant airspeed, would have been more appropriate.

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Published 14 January 2016