AAIB investigation to Europa, G-LEBE

After landing the landing gear retracted when the selection lever dislodged, Popham Airfield, Hampshire, 1 August 2017.


G-LEBE is a mono-wheel version of the Europa; the main landing gear, the out-rigger landing gears and flaps are all linked and operated by one lever. After a local flight the pilot lowered the landing gear and flaps and made his approach with the landing gear/flap lever in the DOWN position. After touchdown the pilot heard a “bang” and realised the lever had sprung out of the DOWN position and moved towards the UP position, but it had snagged on its surround, become distorted and was stuck in a mid-position of its track. The mainwheel had retracted into the wheel-well but the aircraft came to a halt without suffering further damage.

The pilot assessed afterwards that he did not positively check that the lug to lock the landing gear/flap lever DOWN had engaged when he lowered the mainwheel.

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Europa, G-LEBE 11-17

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Published 9 November 2017