AAIB investigation to Europa, G-JHYS

Runway excursion after landing, Laddingford Aerodrome, 11 July 2015.


The into-wind approach to grass Runway 29 at Laddingford Aerodrome, Kent, involved flying over some trees in conditions that were described as “bumpy”. The pilot reported there was “quite a bit of turbulence on final approach” and the aircraft landed to the left of the centreline. It then continued drifting left and its left wingtip made contact with long grass at the edge of the runway, which yawed it further left until the aircraft was completely off the runway. It entering a drainage ditch and stopped abruptly, damaging its propeller, landing gear, and underside. The pilot, who was uninjured, made the aircraft safe and vacated it normally.

The pilot thought the initial drift was probably caused by the turbulent conditions, he was unable to explain why he could not regain runway heading before the aircraft left the runway. Another Europa aircraft, G-IKRK, went off the runway in a similar position some 35 minutes later. (See page 88 of this Bulletin.)

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Europa G-JHYS, 01-16

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Published 14 January 2016