AAIB investigation to Europa, G-IKRK

Runway excursion on landing, Laddingford Aerodrome, 11 July 2015.


The pilot carried out an overhead join to the airfield and ended up high on final approach to Runway 29. The wind was estimated at 5 to 10 kt from 270° to 330°. The aircraft crossed the runway threshold a “bit fast” (possibly 65 to 70 kt) and then bounced on touchdown. The owner’s manual for the aircraft states that final approach should be flown at 60 to 65 kt with a touchdown at 45 to 50 kt. The pilot applied power to get airborne, but the aircraft touched down again to the left of the runway where he lost directional control due to the long grass. The aircraft came to rest in a drainage ditch. The pilot shut down the aircraft and exited via the left side.

Another Europa aircraft, G-JHYS, went off the runway in a similar position some 35 minutes earlier. (See page 89 of this Bulletin.)

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Europa G-IKRK, 01-16

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Published 14 January 2016