AAIB investigation to Eurofox 912(IS), G-ODGC

Engine failure, near Puddletown, Wareham, Dorset, 28 May 2017.


The engine of the glider tug stopped abruptly at about 300 ft whilst launching a glider. The tug pilot released the glider’s tow rope and turned back towards the airfield. Despite two attempts, he was unsuccessful in restarting the engine. The aircraft hit a tall shrub outside the airfield boundary which spun the aircraft and it landed backwards in long grass. The pilot was uninjured but the aircraft sustained significant damage.

The electronic injection engine had recently been installed in this aircraft to replace a carburetted one. The injected engine required a different engine restart procedure, and the pilot advised that he had forgotten to perform one step of the restart checklist in the limited time that he had had available.

Bulletin Correction

A correction was issued concerning this report prior to publication. The amended report can be found below.

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Eurofox 912(IS), G-ODGC 02-18

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Published 8 February 2018