AAIB investigation to Eurofox 912(IS), G-JVET

Ground-looped after landing, Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) Airport, 15 July 2018.


Following an uneventful flight from Perranporth Airfield, Cornwall to Wolverhampton Airport, the pilot noted that as he approached his destination the air was “much more thermic” than previously experienced. The prevailing wind was south-westerly and he planned to land on grass Runway 28. The Aerodrome Flight Information Service advised that Runway 34 was in use. The pilot considered that the prevailing conditions were well within his capability, so he decided to continue with a descent to land on Runway 34 rather than request an alternative runway. During the final stages of the approach he observed the indicated airspeed reduce from 60 to 50 kt, although he perceived the groundspeed to be greater than 50 kt. After touchdown the aircraft rapidly deviated to the left and, despite his attempts to control the aircraft, it departed the runway, turning through approximately 180° before coming to rest. The pilot and his passenger were uninjured and exited the aircraft unaided.

The pilot subsequently noted that the wind was from the south and considered that control of the aircraft on the ground had been compromised due to the presence of a tailwind.

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Eurofox 912(IS), G-JVET 09-18

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Published 13 September 2018