AAIB investigation to Eurofox 912(1), G-ONIK

Aircraft struck obstacle during go around, Cobbs Cross Airstrip, Worcestershire, 16 June 2017.


The pilot returned to land at his home airstrip and assessed the wind strength and direction from the windsock as he flew overhead. He joined the circuit downwind and then flew a stable final approach into an estimated steady 7 kt wind. The pilot reported that approximately 200 m from the runway threshold, he noticed that the windsock had dropped and was now hanging down. He arrived at the threshold slightly faster than normal, resulting in the aircraft bouncing and then floating. The pilot elected to go around but as he did so a strong gust from the right lifted the wing, reducing the airspeed and pushing the aircraft to the left of the runway. The left wing then clipped a tree causing the aircraft to slow further, at which point it stalled and fell to the ground. The pilot was uninjured, but the aircraft was significantly damaged.

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Eurofox 912(1), G-ONIK 10-17

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Published 12 October 2017