AAIB investigation to Embraer EMB-145MP, G-CGWV

Left wing touched runway while landing, Newcastle Airport, 5 December 2015.


The aircraft’s left wing touched the runway surface during a night landing in strong, gusty wind conditions. Just before touchdown, the aircraft rolled rapidly left, probably as a result of a sudden wind shift. The pilot tried to counter this with a control wheel input to the right but the left wing made contact with the runway. An air traffic controller saw a spark from the aircraft’s vicinity when it landed and damage to the left wingtip and aileron was found after the flight. Scrape marks were also found on the runway. The accident was not notified immediately to the AAIB and no action was taken to preserve the data on the CVR. The aerodrome operator and aircraft operator have amended their procedures to provide better guidance for the actions to be taken in the event of an accident or serious incident.

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Embraer EMB-145MP, G-CGWV 07-16

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Published 14 July 2016