AAIB investigation to Dynamic WT9 UK, G-WIGS

Nose gear leg collapsed while landing, Bagby Airfield, North Yorkshire, 15 June 2017.


Following a local area flight in good weather conditions, the pilot returned to land on Runway 24 at Bagby and was informed that the wind was from 255º at 19 kt. He aimed to touch down approximately halfway along the 710 m runway, having previously found that an approach to this area minimised the turbulence encountered in a strong wind. However, although conditions on the final approach were relatively smooth initially, once he passed the threshold they became noticeably rougher, and the subsequent touchdown was described as “hard”. With hindsight, he realised that he should have gone around when he encountered the turbulence during the last part of the approach.

The pilot believed that all three wheels contacted the grass runway at the same time. The nose gear leg then collapsed, causing the propeller to contact the ground. After the aircraft came to rest, on the left side of the runway, the pilot was able to exit normally. He reported that when the aircraft was subsequently repaired a modified nose gear leg was fitted with a stronger internal sleeve.

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Published 12 April 2018