AAIB investigation to Dynamic WT9 UK, G-RMHE

Nose gear collapsed during bounced landing, Lane Farm Airfield, Powys, 4 February 2018.


The Dynamic WT9 is a low-wing all-composite fixed-wing microlight, with side-by-side seating.

After carrying out a few circuits at his home airfield the pilot flew to Lane Farm, which has a 730 m grass runway, for some practice circuits. On final approach the pilot thought he was “a bit high” so he used a sideslip to lose some height. When crossing the runway threshold, he noted that he was “a little too fast” but thought that he could slow down. As the mainwheels touched down the aircraft bounced back into the air by a few feet. The nose dropped and the nosewheel struck the ground causing it to collapse. The propeller also struck the ground and the engine stopped. The pilot was able to exit the aircraft without any difficulty.

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Dynamic WT9 UK, G-RMHE 05-18

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Published 10 May 2018