AAIB investigation to Diamond DA42 Twin Star, G-OCCX

Gear-up landing, Coventry Airport, 22 August 2017.


On returning to Coventry Airport, after conducting upper air exercises as part of the first sortie of a Multi-Engine Piston Flight Instructor’s course, the pilot under training who was flying the aircraft was introduced to asymmetric handling of the aircraft. During this time, as one engine was operated at 10% of engine load to give zero thrust, the landing gear warning horn sounded continuously. The pilot under training then joined right base for a flapless landing on Runway 05 with the engine still set at zero thrust. Although, the commander believed that he had verified the landing gear was down, the aircraft was subsequently landed gear-up.

The commander noted that the landing gear warning horn had been operating for the 10 minutes prior to the landing and, having grown accustomed to the sound, that this may have led to his failure to recognise that the landing gear was not down.

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Diamond DA42 Twin Star, G-OCCX 01-18

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Published 11 January 2018