AAIB investigation to DH87B Hornet Moth, G-AESE

Ground loop on landing, Coventry Airport, 30 July 2016.


After a local flight to Shotteswell Airport, where the pilot completed two landings, the aircraft returned to Coventry Airport. He performed a successful full stop landing on Runway 23 followed by a further circuit and successful touchdown. However, after all three wheels settled on the paved surface, the pilot reported encountering a gusting crosswind from the left from between 300° and 320°. Actual wind conditions could not be established but the pilot reported that the Coventry Airport forecast was wind from 300° at 8 kt.

This crosswind caused the aircraft to veer to the left, which was corrected, but then the aircraft veered to the right. The pilot reported applying full opposite rudder and braking but the turn developed into a ground loop, after which the aircraft came to a halt with the left landing gear collapsed. Both occupants were wearing full harnesses and escaped uninjured.

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DH87B Hornet Moth, G-AESE 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017