AAIB investigation to Cessna U206G Stationair, G-CCSN

Engine failure and forced landing at Strathallan Airfield, Perthshire, on 13 May 2015.


The aircraft was late downwind, to land, when the engine stopped. The pilot checked the engine controls, including the magneto switches and fuel selector, but saw nothing amiss. He continued with a glide approach, selected flaps back to UP and turned onto the runway heading. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the airfield and landed heavily in the field before it, detaching the nose landing gear and breaking the rear fuselage. One passenger sustained a minor injury.

The operator of G-CCSN witnessed the accident and quickly attended the scene. In the presence of another witness, he removed the fuel caps and dipped his fingers in to verify the presence of fuel, estimating that both tanks were about ½ to ¾ full. He then took fuel samples and checked for obvious anomalies, finding none. He checked for the presence of fuel in the injection system and found a normal amount, so he decided to run the engine. After recovery, the damaged propeller blades were cropped, the battery reconnected and the engine started, running quite smoothly, despite the lack of propeller blades.

At the time of preparation of this Bulletin, there is no obvious reason for the engine failure.

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Cessna U206G Stationair, G-CCSN 08-08

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Published 13 August 2015