AAIB investigation to Cessna U206C Super Skywagon, G-BPGE

Engine failure followed by runway overrun during forced landing, Strathallen Airfield, Perthshire, 17 January 2015.


Whilst climbing in preparation to drop five parachutists, the engine failed at a height of 3,000 ft. The pilot landed back on Runway 28 at Strathallen Airfield, but the aircraft overran the end of the runway, travelling through a fence and hedge before coming to a stop. The pilot and parachutists were uninjured. The number five and six piston connecting rods were found to have failed and damaged the crankcase allowing engine oil to escape.

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Cessna U206C Super Skywagon, G-BPGE, 06-15

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Published 11 June 2015