AAIB investigation to Cessna F172H Skyhawk, G-BGIU

Nosewheel strike on landing, Perranporth Airfield, 30 July 2015.


After a local flight the pilot positioned the aircraft for a left-hand circuit for Runway 05 at Perranporth Airfield, with 20° of flap selected and the elevator trim set for 70 kt. Whilst the aircraft was on final approach, the pilot realised that he was overshooting and was also too fast. He lowered the nose, before then rounding out too high. The aircraft lost flying speed before making a bounced landing, following which the pilot lowered the nose too far, causing the nosweheel to strike the runway. Subsequent inspection of the aircraft revealed rippling damage to the fuselage footwell floor.

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Cessna F172H Skyhawk, G-BGIU 03-16

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Published 10 March 2016