AAIB investigation to Cessna 414, N414FZ

Right engine failure, Enstone Airfield, Oxfordshire, 26 June 2018.


The pilot was the only person on board for the repositioning flight which was in night VMC. He received landing clearance and the winds were reported to be gusty. He configured the aircraft for landing and enquired twice about the wind conditions before deciding to leave the flaps at their current setting of 10°.

As the aircraft flared and contacted the runway, the pilot realised that he had not lowered the landing gear. The aircraft came to rest on the runway and he was uninjured.

The pilot attributed the accident to failing to complete his checklist and confirm that the landing gear was down and locked. He considered that a contributory factor was allowing himself to become distracted when flying at night in turbulent and gusty wind conditions.

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Cessna 414, N414FZ 04-19

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Published 11 April 2019