AAIB investigation to Cessna 402C, N618CA

Rejected takeoff, Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, British Virgin Islands, 27 July 2017.


The aircraft was departing from Runway 07 at Terrance B Lettsome Airport in the British Virgin Islands. The pilot reported the weather to be “hot and humid”, with a temperature of 31°C, good visibility, scattered clouds at 1,900 ft, and a wind of 5 kt from 130°. Due to the limited length of Runway 07, combined with the weather conditions, the pilot elected to perform a short field takeoff (intended to minimise the takeoff ground roll required).

At around 86 KIAS, the pilot noticed significant bird activity so he elected to abort the takeoff. The aircraft came to a stop, approximately 10 ft beyond the end of the paved runway surface, in the grass. There were no injuries to persons, or damage to the aircraft.

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Cessna 402C, N618CA 11-17

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Published 9 November 2017