AAIB investigation to Cessna 195, N1581D

Engine failure and forced landing, Colestocks, East Devon, 3 January 2019.


The aircraft was being flown from Dunkeswell Airfield to Branscombe Airfield in Devon in good weather with the wind calm, CAVOK and QNH 1004 hPa. Shortly after departure, the engine began to lose power from which it recovered briefly before suffering a total power loss at a position where turning back to the airfield was not an option. The pilot flew towards the lower ground to the west and checked the mixture, throttle and fuel pumps. He moved the fuel tank selector to the left, right and then both tanks in turn and recycled both magnetos, all to no effect. He made an approach to a large field, touching down briefly on the soft ground before allowing the aircraft to fly down the gentle slope and touch down again on a gentle upslope. The wheels began to dig in and, on crossing some slightly firmer ground, the pilot thought that the tail was lowering normally. However, the wheels dug in heavily and the aircraft nosed over onto its back. The pilot was uninjured and able to exit the aircraft through the normal door. No cause for the engine problem was identified.

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Cessna 195, N1581D 06-19

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Published 13 June 2019