AAIB investigation to Cameron Z-375, G-VBFO

Passenger fell out of the basket on landing, Hyde Hill Farm, Royston, Hertfordshire, 9 October 2017.


After an uneventful flight, G-VBFO landed in a field near Royston. The basket landed firmly, bounced several times and was then dragged across the field eventually coming to rest approximately 60 m from the initial impact point. During the first impact, a passenger was ejected from the rear right compartment. Whilst it could not be determined why the passenger came out of the basket, it is likely that he either let go prior to the landing or was unable to hold on tightly enough to keep himself in the landing position.

Post-accident interviews with the passengers confirmed that safety briefings were conducted in accordance with the company operations manual. However, passengers commented that the briefings were difficult to hear and did not prepare them for the dynamic nature of the landing. This may have contributed to the accident. The operator and the CAA state that they have taken action to ensure safety briefings are delivered to a consistent high standard.

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Published 14 June 2018