AAIB investigation to Bristell NG5 Speed Wing, G-GARD

Engine failure and forced landing, near Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey, 15 April 2015.


This was the aircraft’s first flight. The pilot carried out engine ground runs, then performed fast taxi runs, selecting each fuel tank and checking the engine with and without carb heat applied. Prior to takeoff, he selected the carb heat on and turned on the electric fuel pump. The takeoff and climb out were uneventful, and at 1,000 ft he switched off the fuel boost pump. He reported downwind for a low approach and go-around but, shortly afterwards, the engine stopped suddenly. The pilot selected the other fuel tank and turned the electric fuel pump on, but was unable to restart the engine. He could not make the airfield and so he elected to land in a small field. The landing was hard and the aircraft came to a stop before the trees at the end of the field. The pilot exited without injury.

The engine was inspected by an engineer experienced on the engine type. The engine was removed and ran satisfactorily on a test rig after new coils were fitted. It was not possible to determine conclusively why the engine had stopped, but fuel starvation or double coil failure were considered possible causes.

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Bristell NG5 Speed Wing, G-GARD 01-16

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Published 14 January 2016